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Sing is a rated PG comedy/musical that was released on Dec. 21, 2016.  Since hitting the theatres, this whimsical movie has made over 465.5 million US dollars.  It is ranked number ten in the box office in the “Movies Released in the Past Year” chart.  Sing is made from the same producers as Despicable Me and the more recent, A Secret Life of Pets.

Sing follows seven animals on their journey through a singing contest that would lead to 100,000 dollars.  Meena is a shy elephant (voiced by Tori Kelly). Buster Moon is a witty koala bear who is having some problems with the bank (voiced by Matthew McConaughey).  Gunther is a loud pig with loud style (voiced by Nick Kroll). Ash is a punk rock porcupine (voiced by Scarlett Johansson).  Rosita is an underappreciated momma pig (voiced by Reese Witherspoon).  And last but not least, a mobster mouse named Mike (voiced by Seth MacFarlane).

This was not your typical musical because any time you heard a song, it was a performance on a stage (part of the singing contest or practicing).  They characters did not just break out into song and dance like in La La Land or Grease.  This was an aspect of the movie that I did enjoy.  The cast was extremely talented although some characters were better than others, but that is how it always is.  

The plot of this movie was very complex for a children’s movie.  There were seven different subplots occurring at once.  One with each main character, along with the main plot which is the singing contest.  Some of the themes of the plots handle very adult problems.  Some of which include underappreciated moms, verbally abusive and controlling boyfriends,  problems with the bank, bad family businesses and last but not least a mob.

I think the writers included all of these subplots to try to make the movie more enjoyable for the parents and adults that take kids to the theatre.  To me, it seemed like a little bit too much for a children’s movie.  At a certain point all of these dirty jokes and complex plots will stop going in one ear and out the other and just stay in one ear.  

Overall I give this movie three out of five popcorns because the music was good and it was pretty funny, but some of the plots just seemed to be a bit extra.

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