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Won the Super Bowl, lost the jersey

Paige Walters, Editor-in-Chief, The Bagpipe

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Quarterback Tom Brady lead his team, the New England Patriots, to an overtime victory, but his Super Bowl jersey is nowhere to be found

On Feb. 5, Brady led his team to victory in Super Bowl LI by beating the Atlanta Falcons, with the score at 35 to 28 in overtime. After the win, Brady was packing his bag in the locker room at Houston’s NRG Stadium, but after a few minutes he came to the realization that his game-winning jersey was missing. The following day, Brady’s championship jersey became a law enforcement matter. According to Twitter, Houston police stated that its big offender division is working alongside the NFL Security and additional state and local agencies “to investigate theft” of the Super Bowl jersey.

“We have been looking into this disappointing matter and will continue to assist law enforcement authorities,” NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy said.

Hours after TX Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asked the Texas Rangers to work on finding the missing jersey, the Houston police department and the NFL confirmed that an investigation had begun. Investigators are searching gatecrashers, law enforcement officials, news media members, league/team staffers, family members, coaches and teammates. But anyone of the over 100 people packed into the Patriots’ locker room after the overtime victory could have taken it.  Even with all the people and activities occurring at NRG Stadium, locker rooms are still considered one of the safest areas of the Super Bowl.

At the age of 39, Brady won his fifth Super Bowl and his fourth Super Bowl most valuable player award to go along with two league MVPs. On top of everything, this was the first game his mother came to see. Even with all the accomplishments and awards he recieved, Brady still wants to find the missing jersey from one of the most memorable games in NFL history.

“Those are pretty special ones to keep, but what can you do?” Brady asked.

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Won the Super Bowl, lost the jersey