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Serra’s work serenades the senses

Ava Iversen, Reporter, The Bagpipe

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A new exhibit showcased at the Nasher


With February only commencing recently, the Nasher has decided to display its latest new art installation. The traveling artwork exhibit of Richard Serra will be shown at the Nasher Museum of Art for four months.  Its last day will be Sunday, April 30, 2017. The art presented by Serra has a balanced mixture of both unique painting and sculptures.

The accomplished Serra has had many of his pieces exhibited at many other museums, including both the The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, and at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. His works involving his print designs are supposed to demonstrate his desire of diverging from traditional and common methods of printmaking, and bringing his works in huge scale perceptive. His two dimensional print pieces are usually drawn with more unconventional tools such as paint sticks and other items in that variety.

Serra started creating his art during the early 1970s and some of his earliest work was demonstrated in a lithograph point of view. As Serra began to deviate from lithography in the mid 1980s you can see that his pieces are designed with paint sticks and he begins to develop his own form of printmaking technique. Another continuing similarity throughout all of his prints is his principle of sticking to one dominant color, black, and letting it absorb the work’s essence. As for his sculpture designs and inspirations he likes to covey into them, it is very mixed. Though Serra has contemporary elements overlaying most of his sculpture designs a lot of modern elements are also showcased within his pieces.

For all who are interested in art and design or Richard Serra work should check out his exhibit at the Nasher in the Arts District before it leaves at the end of April. For a more inexpensive admission to view the exhibition, you can purchase a membership to the Nasher and this will later help you if you want to see another rotating exhibit at the museum. Photography is also allowed at the museum, but keep in mind to turn off the flash and see the work Serra has to offer and notice his effort to try create his own way of designing prints in his own off path form.

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Serra’s work serenades the senses