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Announcements: Mar. 7, 2017

Kaki Glieber, Editor-in-Chief

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Attention Latin Club:

There is a meeting today and Wed. afterschool in Ms. Caron’s room to practice for the National Latin Exam which is Thursday during 3rd period.

“Come out to Highlander Stadium tonight to celebrate with the Lady Scots Soccer senior class. Anna Robertson, Mariya Molina, Natalie Dargene and Riley Malone will be honored before their last game at Highlander Stadium against Royce City. The Lady Scots, who remain unbeaten on the year, are scheduled to kick-off at 7:15PM. We look forward to seeing you there.”

Attention all males, Iron Sharpens Iron Underground is tonight, at 7:00 at 3229 Centenary, Jack Yates’ house. Grey Giddens will be speaking. We will have chick fil a there and will be heading to whataburger after. Contact Baron Holmes or Max Holsomback if you have any questions.

Come to film club tomorrow in Mr. Vasquez’s room from 3:40 to 4:15! We will be discussing a video to do over spring break!

“Ladies, Roots will be selling their tshirts for $20 in the cafeteria during lunch today . There will also be flyers for our upcoming upperclassmen retreat”

Last weeked, HP Model UN club participated in a conference at the University of North Texas. Delegates included Ben Baroody, Bhavana Thota, Cammie Dunn, Christine Van Kirk, Divya Kikkeri, EC Stanzel, Jamie Saylors, Maddie Fagan, Sophia Kanaan, and Westley Sturhan. Students Bhavana Thota and Sophia Kanaan won honorable mentions for the country of France at the conference. Please congratulate these model united nations students for their hard work at UNT!

Faculty: Cheerleader and Scotsmen voting instructions and ballots will be placed in your mailboxes this afternoon.  We’ll have an assembly tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., and voting will take place at the beginning of 2ndperiod.  Please pick up your ballots prior to tomorrow’s assembly.  Thank you!

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Announcements: Mar. 7, 2017