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Anaconda eats Indonesian man

Ali Roberts, Staffer

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In Jakarta, Indonesia, something that you would think only happens in horror movies, happened to a villager named Akbar. A poor man was working on his plantation, which is where most wild animal incidents happen, when a massive python attacked him. The villagers heard shouting coming from his plantation, but no cries for help came so they assumed it was just someone hunting pigs. The next day, Akbar was nowhere to be found so a search party was sent out to find him. Soon after they came upon the anaconda, and due to the large and human-like shape in the anaconda’s stomach, they chased it down and killed it. That was when horror movie ideals became a reality, and they found their friend’s body in the anaconda.

Unfortunately, animal attacks like these are becoming more and more common in this area due to a major expansion of palm oil plants, which drive the animals and their usual prey out of their homes. Predators, like the anaconda, now have to go further to find prey and end up in villages like Akbar’s. A 2013 report by Eyes on the Forest found that over 12 years, 60% of tiger attacks in a region on Riau Province had occurred where developers had recently cleared the forest.

Farwiza Farhan, the chairwoman of Forest, Nature, and Environment of Aceh, an environmental organization said, “as humans push further into wildlife, habitat conflict like this is more likely to occur as both humans and wildlife require space.”

For animal attacks like these to come to an end, we need to be more conscious about how much forest we are cutting down and where it is in relation to villages.

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Anaconda eats Indonesian man