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The Las Vegas Raiders

Edward Bass, Staffer

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It’s officials: the Oakland Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas in 2020. In a stunning meeting, NFL owners approved the move in an incredible fashion, as 31 out of 32 owners agreed to the relocation, with the Miami Dolphins being the only team to reject it. Now, the last three NFL franchise moves have come to and from California, with the St. Louis Rams moving to Los Angeles, along with the San Diego Chargers. As Adi Joseph from “FORTHEW!N’ puts it, “The Las Vegas Raiders are going to be so much fun for everyone — except Raiders fans.”

Las Vegas will now have a coveted NFL franchise that they have always been asking for. This move happened because of one thing, money. Las Vegas already has a lot. Casinos, gambling, really anything you could ask for, and now, football. What a combination! After seeing the Las Vegas Raiders play the Denver Broncos, you can now go gamble or play slots. The city and the NFL will be flooded in money, drawing in people globally with the attractiveness of watching football and gambling, two things with a big pull. Let’s not forget about the relocation fee, which is rumored around $350 million (which is about half of what the Chargers and Rams had to pay to relocate to LA). This move was simply for public relation purposes. While the money will be flooding in, at the same time the league is losing something priceless, the Oakland Raiders fan base.

If you just look at a pic of Raider fans, you see how much they love their Raiders. The paint, masks, and props they use to suit up for games is incredible. They will have to build up a core fan base and only time will tell if that will be a challenge. With the attractiveness of Las Vegas, I don’t think there will be any problems trying to sell Las Vegas Raiders. Unfortunately, I don’t think the jerseys will be bought by the “local” fans, getting outpriced and outnumbered by the visiting fans. But the NFL doesn’t care, while the heart of Oakland has been taken out, the league has begun to count the stacks. While the casinos, hotels, and stores are flooded with customers fresh out of a Las Vegas Raiders game, the people of Oakland are left without their beloved team they have had so long.

Generations of people have loved the Raiders. Grandfathers brought their kids to the games, while those parents brought their kids, but there is no NFL game to go to anymore. The facepaint gets returned, the jerseys get hung up, and the props are set on the top shelf, covered in dust. While the Oakland Raiders portrayed a tough, intimidating team that had a reputation for tormenting the opponent’s team, the Las Vegas Raiders will now be about one thing only: money.

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The Las Vegas Raiders