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Rings is a drama horror film that was released on Feb. 3, 2017.  The budget for this movie was 25 million dollars and it is a part of The Ring film series.  So far, in the film series, there have been three movies and one short film: The Ring, Rings (the short film), Rings (the 2017 horror movie) and The Ring Two.  

A college aged girl named Julia becomes worried about her boyfriend when she has not heard from him for over a week. She sneaks away in the middle of the night so she can go to his college and find him. Julia soon finds out about a group of people that have seen the movie (the same one from the first three films) that will kill you after seven days.  

She sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend, and in doing so, she makes a horrifying discovery; her movie is longer than ever seen before.  They have to go on a crazy adventure to try to find a way to stop this vicious cycle.

I clearly should have done my research on this movie because going into the movie, I thought that it was a remake of the original Japanese film, The Ring.  I did not know that it was the third part of the remake. That must explain why it seemed so pushed and overdone.

This adaptation of The Ring is based off Rings, the short film.  The original Rings short film was released as an added bonus when you bought The Ring on DVD.  This means that Rings (2017)  is actually the second of the three rings movies that have been released in the United States.  

The beginning of Rings was very choppy.  They tried to fit too many character plots into the first fifteen minutes.  The very first scene was extremely forced and it felt like a different part of the movie.  As this two hour film reached the last thirty minutes, it kind of picked up with a good plot twist.  

All in all, I do not think that anyone should spend twenty dollars and an hour and a half of time to see the 30 minutes at the end. I give this movie two out of five pop corns.

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