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Christmas Scene Globes

A new gift idea that looks like a snow globe, but is more creative and completely make by you.

Abigail Washam

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Christmas time is here and everyone is probably a little more than stressed with the gift finding. Look no further because for this next idea, you can probably find most of these items around your house. Snow globes are something that you see in stores every year, but just a plain snow globe might be a little boring, and your recipient might not think it to be as thoughtful as what you wanted it to be.

A Christmas Scene Globe is something that you can put together right at home yourself and give to a friend or loved one. It is similar to a snow globe, but it does not have the liquid or the fake snow inside the glass. From a distance, it looks just like a snow globe, but up close you can tell that it’s a different type of christmas decoration- another thing they can be used for.

They are fairly simple to make, so long as you can find all the right pieces you want to make them. I would recommend planning out the scene before you start making the scene globe. Your scene could be as simple as a little house with a tree out front, or it could be as intricate as an ice rink like Rockefeller Plaza, whatever you want to make it is all up to you.

Another thing that is up to you is how you make it. For someone who is okay with spending money, I would recommend looking at a craft store because they always have small sized stage pieces for things like this.

The next part is the reason you should start with the scene. Depending on how big your scene is will determine how big of a globe cover you will need. The globe cover is just the glass that you put over and encase the scene in, and the clearer the glass, the better you’ll be able to see the scene.

On a side note, I would try to find a glass cover that has a lid you can screw on or at least attach to the glass. This way you can glue the scene to the lid and then fit the glass right on top of it. Once you have everything assembled and attacked where you want it to be, just sit back and relax knowing you have found a way to solve the stress of gift shopping for this season.

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Christmas Scene Globes